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Divine Attraction, an American band releases new single in the Czech Republic

Divine Attraction is an American pop-rock group originally formed in Los Angeles, CA by Cory Simon (vocals, guitar, keys) and Brian Bothwell (drums). Since 2015 they have been living in the Czech Republic as they love the feedback and positive vibe of Czech fans. Their aim is to engage listeners through heartfelt lyrics, creative sounds, and an electric live show and today they release a brand new single Technicolor Love which is also their official single premiere in the Czech Republic ever!

Video was being made during this summer in California, in northern part of Hollywood. Mood of the video breaths with retro color filters and fast editing and we do hope you will love it!

Divine Attraction describes themself as pop-rock group, but their ability of creating music comes even beyond this genre. Electro-pop or electronic music often influence their melodic and honest songs. No matter what style people will apply, Divine Attraction’s aura is always siginificant and we are happy to introduce them to all Czech listeners!