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Kuba Kubin, the new Czech sensation, makes his debut with the single ‘Let Me Love’

The 28-year-old singer, composer and pianist makes his official debut to the Czech pop music with the song ‘Let Me Love‘ even though he’s been involved in music his whole life and has been a well-known music figure for some time. His talent and vocal timbre caught the attention of music producer Boris Carloff. They are now introducing a song that is very original both in sound and the singers performance.

Kuba Kubin‘s lyric voice is characteristic to this song, which he describes as ‘a song about love, trust and support for the person that is closest to your heart. Even though it’s narrated as a relationship between a man and a woman, the theme of love and the loved one exceeds this explicit theme significantly. The common denominator of this story is the emotional development we all go through during childhood, which fundamentally forms our personality in later phases of our lives. You are either able to give and receive love or, by contrast, shelter yourself from it.’

‘This is why we opted for a non-modern visual depiction and set the music video to the era of the First World War. On both sides of the war there are people who live similar lives, who have the same feelings. This can be seen anywhere in the world no matter what era it is. All soldiers share the same desire to be with their loved ones, in places where they feel loved and where they can truly be themselves,’ he adds when talking about the movie clip that accompanies the single ‘Let Me Love‘.