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Mikolas Josef debuts his first international single “Lie to Me”

Style refined, music genre change and the last year spent on the route Vienna-Berlin where Mikolas Josef (22), a Czech songwriter, composer, producer and music videos director was deepening his skills as a producer and director resulted in the fourth single, a pop-rap song “Lie to Me“. His first international single comes again with the video written and directed by himself.

Shortly before the videoshooting of “Lie to Me” had started, Mikolas used the opportunity to work with Warner Music, a German recording company to participate in making of music video for Chris Meid’s rock-evergreen cover “Eye Of The Tiger“. “To go abroad was the best decision I have made. A man grows much faster in terms of professional and personal level and specially in the environment of European hitmakers. And that’s the direction I should have been starting out long ago,” Mikolas explains why he took a one year break and was not active in the Czech music scene. Following his second single „Free“ which peaked at #4 at the Czech radio IFPI chart, Mikolas left his home country to grow under the supervision of a multiplatinum awarded sound and mix engineer Nikodem Milewski (Felix Jaehn, Robin Schultz, Alle Farben, Klangkarussel and many more).

Mikolas calls the single “Lie to Me” as “F-kgirl Anthem” which means an anthem for harlots. This phrase comes from Mikolas’ two-year relational absence: “I think the age we live in is demanding for many women. Social networks strictly dictate the idea what so called woman ideal means which leaves a feeling of imperfection in many of them. I see too many young women looking for themselves in too many men’s beds,” Mikolas describes intention of the song of which he is both author and producer.