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We care about you, the artist...Where the true creative heart is born. These are our references

  • “Vit is a true music lover. He supports his musicians with a great professional attitude and is an excellent, trustworthy businessman, something we need more of in the music industry...He has immense respect for musicians and only wants the best for us. I can say with confidence, it sure would be great to have more people like Vit in the music biz working out here in Los Angeles (2015).”

    — Janet Robin / Singer, guitarist, composer, Los Angeles (CA), USA
  • “I have known Vit for several years and I have to say I have only met a few people like him in showbusiness. He is honest and trustworthy. I am looking forward to working with him on his new project (2015).”

    — Ivan Kral / Producer, musician, film composer, winner of the Czech Grammy Award, Ann Arbor (MI), USA
  • “I have accomplished many of my musical goals thanks to Vitek and his initiative since I first met him five years ago. He is the best manager I have ever had the privilege to meet (2015).”

    — Tereza "Electric Lady" Hrubanova / Singer, guitarist, composer, Pilsen, Czech Republic
  • “I have been working with Vit Sekvard as my PR agent since the soundtrack from the movie Perfect Days was released in 2011. Sometimes I think that if I were as diligent as he is I would already be working in Hollywood. So I hope our co-operation will go on as long as possible (2015).”

    — Jan Ponocny / Producer, musician, guitarist, composer and film composer, Prague, Czech Republic
  • “Vit is a true professional and it is a pleasure to work with him. I believe it is excellent to be a team-mate with someone with whom you get on well not only in terms of work but in private as well.... (2017).”

    — Boris Carloff / Producer, musician, sound engineeer, composer and film composer, Prague, Czech Republic
  • “Vit has been a real pleasure to work with. Extremely nice and professional (2020).”

    — Chris Dececio / Producer, sound engineeer, composer, Bristol (UK)

Our services

ROCKING PLANET is a Czech music agency whose main goal is to help artists and offer services such as music management, booking and public relations in an honest and professional way. We have been working in showbusiness since 2009 and in the public sector since the end of 2014.

Hudební managment

Music Management

Representation of artists, counseling, marketing, public relations - all under one roof and without external outsourcing. Thanks to the cooperation with major figures from the world of showbusiness and domestic media, we offer a wide range of services.



We offer booking of concerts, provide transportation and legal services. We also take care of the whole administrative process, such as phone calls, e-mails, promotion, commercial partners and sponsors. The artist is free to create art, we take care of the rest.

Public relations

Public Relations

This service covers continual media promotion of artists and their work, especially in the press, radio, TV and online media along with the option of poster and billboard advertising. We connect artists with commercial and media partners for maximum media attention and promotion.

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