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Ivan Kral

Ivan Kral was an American rock musician (singer, guitarist, bassist and pianist) with Czech origins. He was also a producer and composer of film music who was awarded the Czech Grammy Award in ’94, ’95 and ’98. Music lovers can find his unique style of compositions, lyrics and musical poetry in the albums of music legends such as Iggy Pop, David Bowie, John Cale but mostly the Patti Smith Group (his composition „Dancing Barefoot” from the studio album „Wave” is featured in the repertoire of many famous bands such as U2, Pearl Jam or Simple Minds and is also listed in the Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time).

  • Bless You

    Studio version


  • So Bad

    Studio version

    Prohlédnutí / Clear Eyes

  • Pumpin' For Jill

    Studio version

    ..."dancing barefoot"

Out of the many Czech musicians that he has worked with, David Koller and the band Lucie are the ones that come to mind first, but his musical input is also very pronounced in the pop-rock group Mňága a Žďorp, the rock talents Walk Choc Ice and Alice, or on the albums of songwriters such as Meky Žbirka and Janek Ledecký as well as singer and guitarist Aneta Langerová, singer Pavel Bobek or Czech jazz legend Jiří Suchý. All of his works, be they domestic or international, always show his trademark musical creativity and his great skill in creating beautiful melodies and perfect harmony between the music and the lyrics. This becomes even more noticeable in his solo projects or collaborations such as Native or Alias, where Ivan Kral’s role is presented as not only a producer and composer, but also as a singer and musician. Ivan Kral stood at the birth of the punk and rock scene in New York in the 70s and captured these genuine moments and compiled them to make the 1976 film „The Blank Generation“, which authentically documents the punk-rock scene in New York and includes footage of the legendary CBGB club and bands such as Blondie, Talking Heads, Ramones, New York Dolls and others. After the fall of the Iron Curtain in the 90s, Kral recorded 10 albums under Universal, Polygram and BMG, winning a Grammy for his solo album „Nostalgia" as well as two Grammies for Rock Producer of the Year in 1995 and 1998. He was nominated for a Czech Lion Award for his 2001 „Cabriolet" film score. His latest album is called „Colors" and was released in 2018 under label Warner Music Czech Republic. Ivan Kral passed away of cancer in his Michigan home in February 2020. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: WWW.IVANKRAL.NET

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LP, Warner Music (2020)


LP, Warner Music (2018)


LP, Warner Music (2014)

Vytáhni mě z davu

Part of production, Supraphon (2014)

Love, Logic & Will

Part of production, Universal Music s.r.o. (2013)

Dreaming Of The Prophet

Live LP, member of Patti Smith Group, Smokin' (2013)

Come Hell Or High Water

Appearance, Benbecula Records (2009)

22x2: The Best Of

Part of production, Universal Music Group ‎(2007)

Peace Breaker

Appearance, Monongo (2007)


LP, Universal Music, s.r.o. (2005)

A Million In Prizes: The Anthology

Compilation, Virgin (2005)

Platinum And Gold Collection

Compilation, Arista/BMG Heritage (2004)

Spousta Andělů

Part of production, BMG (2004)

Erotická revue

LP, BMG (2003)

Land (1975-2002)

Compilation, Arista/BMG (2002)

You Go To My Head

Part of production, ES Records (2002)


LP, CDirect (2002)


LP (soundtrack), M.I.Project (2001)

Gipsy Streams

Producer, Supraphon (2001)

Best of Ivan Kral

LP, Supraphon (2001

Jsem pouhý známý

Producer, Venkow Records (2000)


Live LP, SPV Recordings (1999)

Dancing Reboot - Ivan Kral remixed

LP, Quazi Delict Records (1999)


Appearance, Audiostory (1999)


Producer, Musicrecords (1999)

Songs For Boys And Girls

Producer, Universal Music (1999)

Živě, dětským domovům

LP, Universal Music (1999)

..."dancing barefoot"

LP, Universal Music (1999)

Prohlédnutí / Clear Eyes

LP, PolyGram (1998)

Walk Choc Ice

Producer, Warner Music Czech Republic (1998)


Part of production, PolyGram (1997)

Svět se zbláznil

Appearance, PolyGram (1997)

Purpura a jiné Vánoční písně

Part of production, PolyGram (1997)

To byla Garáž

Part of production, Radost Music (1997)

Modré z nebe

LP (soundtrack), PolyGram (1997)


LP, PolyGram (1997)

Native: His Native Complete

Compilation, BMG Ariola (1996)

Looking Back

LP, BMG Ariola (1996)


Part of production, B&M Music (1996)


Part of production, B&M Music (1996)

Znám tolik písní

Producer, Polydor (1996)

King Of Classic Rock'n'Roll Band

Producer, PolyGram (1996)


Producer, Monitor-EMI (1996)

Live from Bunkr - Prague

Live LP, Track Records (1996)


LP, BMG Ariola (1995)

Live At CBGB's

Live LP, member of Patti Smith Group, The Swingin' Pig (1995)


Producer, Popron Music (1995)

Ryzí zlato

Producer, Monitor-EMI (1995)

Sem dej dar

Part of production, Sony/BMG (1995)


Part of production, PolyGram (1995)

Některý věci jsou jenom jednou

Producer, B&M Music (1995)


Producer, BMG Ariola (1994)

Černý kočky mokrý žáby

Producer, B&M Music (1994)

Hudba z filmu Amerika

Appearance, B&M Music (1994)

Satisfied Mind

Appearance, Sub Pop (1993)

Kiss the Sky

Producer, Bohemia Records (1993)

Essential - 1976 - 1986

Compilation, EMI (1992)


LP, Zensor (1992)

Slaves of New Brunswick

Appearance, Westwood Entertainment Group (1992)

Exit at the Axis

Appearance, Capitol Records (1991)


Appearance, Behemoth Records (1990)

Eastern Bloc

Part of production, Paradox Records (1987)

Rover's Return

Part of production, EMI America (1987)

Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

Appearance, Special Stock Records (1986)

Mask Of Smiles

Part of production, EMI America ‎(1985)

Up the River

Producer, Flicknife Records (1985)

Everything Takes Forever

Producer, L'Invitation Au Suicide (1984)

Outta The Nest

Part of production, PVC Records ‎(1984)

Tired Of Phoney

Part of production, RCA (1984)


LP, band member, Chrysalis (1982)

Dure Limite

Part of production, Virgin (1982)


LP, band member, Arista (1981)

His Hausmeister's Voice

Live LP, band member, not on label (1981)


LP, band member, Arista (1980)

Live Chicken At The Waves

Live LP, band member, Pop Pop (1980)

Heroin Hates You

LP, band member, Kick Now (1979)


LP, member of Patti Smith Group, Arista (1979)

Urban Desire

Appearance, 20th Century Fox Records (1978)

Live In Paris

Live LP, member of Patti Smith Group, Golden Stars (1978)


LP, member of Patti Smith Group, Arista (1978)

Radio Ethiopia

LP, member of Patti Smith Group, Arista (1976)


LP, member of Patti Smith Group, Arista (1975)

Live At Bottom Line

Live LP, member of Patti Smith Group, Arista (1975)

Free Music Store 1975

Live LP, member of Patti Smith Group, not on label (1975)