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Boris Carloff

Boris Carloff is highly respected an award-winning producer, composer, singer, engineer and musician whose musical style is hard to pinpoint, it takes in the flavours of classic music, indie rock, pop and electronic music. His live gig is absolutely mesmerizing  show where the dancing energy is  pumped by combination of electronic and live instruments and you are further hypnotized by a set of art videos. His own unique voice sounds emotional and fragile and at the same time strong and energetic.

  • I've Been Thinking of You

    Studio version


  • Days Go By

    Studio version


  • I Have Got One Soul

    Studio version

    The Escapist

Boris, who has played as a musician in Norway, UK, Germany and Italy, comes from the Czech Republic and has a classical violin education. Combine all this with a childhood musical diet of the Jazz classics and it’s easy to recognize his musical inspiration and discipline. His debut was on London based label Tracktion with a project called Palm Beat in 2003. Then he signed to Red Salamanda records as an artist and released the "Good Stuff EP". The EP was received well from all corners of the world’s tastemakers, most notably were  the airings on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide BBC show of the track "First Joy". Boris has also released in Japan with label NURO, whilst locally in his native Czech Republic he was also nominated for a Czech Grammy in 2006 (The Best Sound category for album Dreamer of Czech band Sunshine). He also produced song "Atentat" (Czech band Krystof) which won Czech Grammy in 2008 as The Song of the Year. The song was also the most played radio hit in 2008 throughout Czech radio stations. The same year the album "Laska jako oliva" written by Czech legendary guitarist, singer and songwriter Ivan Hlas was nominated for the Best Album in category Folk and Country. In 2012 Boris released studio album "The Escapist", a recording which won Czech Music Critics Apollo (Czech Mercury prize) as the best album of 2012 and featured Doug Yowell (drummer for Lana Del Ray and Suzanne Vega) and singer Ghetto Priest (Asian Dub Foundation, Massive Attack). Boris was also nominated in five categories for Andel – Czech Grammy (Best Singer, Best Album, Best Video, Best Newcomer and Best Electronic Album). Finally he was awarded in two categories: The Best Video of The Year and The Best Electronic Album. On February 16th 2015 Boris Carloff released his second solo album "Morphosis", exactly two years after the release date of his debut. Nine track record "Morphosis" is a sophisticated blend of electronic and indie sounds with smooth vocals. Carloff recorded the album in the Icelandic studio of producer Bardi Johansson who gives the music its Icelandic signature sound. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: WWW.BORISCARLOFF.CZ

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The Solipsist

LP, Championship Music (2017)

Last Runner (with Cannibal Ink remix)

Single, Emerald & Doreen ‎(2016)


LP, Championship Music (2014)

The Escapist

LP, Championship music (2012)

Hebké bolesti

Producer, recording, mixing, Tranzistor (2016)

Beaj Vat!

Recording, mixing, mastering, (2016)

Close To Silence

Album recording, Indies Scope Records (2015)

Bazarem Proměn

Compilation, Indies Scope Records (2015)


Album recording, Peter Pan Complex (2012)


Producer, Die Arbeit Music (2012)


Part of production, EMI Czech Republic s.r.o. (2012)

Kryštoff/on Kinotour 2011

Mixing, Richmond Records (2012)

She Who Plays With Shadows

Mastering, Nantokanaru self-released (2012)

Jeviště (2xCD)

Part of production, EMI Czech Republic s.r.o. (2011)


Part of production, Kings Art Production (2011)

Poločas / Best Of

Producer, EMI Czech Republic s.r.o. (2011)


Producer, EMI Czech Republic s.r.o. (2010)

The Sixth Seal

Producer, Columbia (2010)


Producer, Championship Music (2010)


Mastering, X Production (2009)


Producer, recording, Parlophone (2009)

Karton veverek

Producer, Soundmachine s.r.o. (2009)

Láska jako oliva

Mixing, Indies Happy Trails (2008)

Kryštof v opeře

Producer, EMI Czech Republic s.r.o. (2008)

Curiously Connected

Mastering, EMI Czech Republic s.r.o. (2008)


Mastering, X Production (2007)


Mastering, Universal Music s.r.o. (2007)

Blind Deaf Sampler Volume 1

Mastering, Blind Deaf Records (2007)


Producer, Red Salamanda Records (2007)

Carrousel: The Remix EP

Compilation, Perfect Toy (2006)

Lovers In Danger

Mastering, X Production (2006)

Songs To Be Afraid Of

Mastering, Diva self-released (2006)


Mastering, Championship Records (2006)

Madd Axxe

Part of production, Madd Axxe (2006)


Mastering, X Production (2006)


Mastering, 11 Fingers (2005)

Deň za dňom

Mastering, Slnko Records (2005)

Best Of 2005 (Album sampler)

Compilation, Xmag (2005)


LP, Xproduction (2005)

Deep Infusion

Compilation, In Promotion (2004)

Down Tempo Mix

Compilation, Xmag (2004)

Nu[new] Style Vol. 2 - Always Live For The Future

Compilation, Nuro (2004)

Good Stuff

EP, Red Salamanda Records (2004)

I Wanna Be A Pair

Producer, Distracktion Records (2003)

Everybody Loves Loutka: Old Skul

Compilation, Xmag (2003)

Everybody Loves Loutka: New Skul

Compilation, Xmag (2003)


Compilation, EMI Czech Republic s.r.o. (2002)

What's My Name

Part of production, Sony Music / Bonton s.r.o. (2002)