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Blue Effect

Blue Effect is a legendary big beat band that has been rocking on stage since 1968 and is automatically connected to the legendary Radim Hladík, a major icon of Czech rock scene who is a phenomenal guitar player and sound innovator. He was of the first musician to introduce the wah-wah pedal to his home audience. Anyone looking for one of the most influential names in Czech or Czechoslovak rock and experimental guitar playing will definitely find Radim Hladík right at the top of the list.

  • Slunečný hrob

    Live version

    Live & Life

  • Čajovna

    Studio version

    Modrý efekt & Radim Hladík

  • Sun Is So Bright

    Live version

    DVD Acoustic Time

Big beat is the backbone of most of the band’s repertoire, but they do not shy away from other genres such as art rock, jazz rock or progressive rock, all of which are part of Radim Hladík'’s expertise. This is shown in his collaboration with Jazz Q in 1970 and with the Czech Radio Jazz Orchestra, with whom he recorded three albums. In the 70s, the band achieved great success internationally, with thousands of people attending their concerts in Finland, Hungary and Poland and was critically acclaimed by countless international critics. In the band’s 50 year long music career, a plethora of musicians played with them - Vladimír Mišík, Lešek Semelka, Luboš Pospíšil or David Koller, and in regard to the lyrics the band collaborated closely with a major Czech author - Zdenek Rytir, and also with poet Pavel Vrba and musician Jaroslav Hutka. Since 2004 the band has been playing in a stable formation, with the founder Radim Hladík joined by singer, guitarist and keyboardist Honza Křížek (former leader of crossover and rock band Walk Choc Ice), bassist Vojta „Wojttech“ Říha (former projects such as T.H.C. The Human Cell, Petr Rajchert and others) and drummer Václav Zima (former bands such as -123 min, Krausberry and others). The band has been popular throughout its career not only because of its impeccable repertoire, loyal fans from past years, but also the great energy transferred between the band and its audience, which is getting younger every day. All of this underlines the relaxed, spontaneous and friendly atmosphere of their concerts. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: WWW.BLUEEFFECT.CZ

Cooperation with Rocking Planet

  • 2011Sponsorship - DVD Acoustic Time
  • 2010Concert Promoter - MC Kotelna Litomyšl

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Acoustic Time

Live DVD, Supraphon (2011)

Live & Life

Live LP, Supraphon (2008)

Live & Life

Live DVD, Supraphon (2008)

Beatová síň slávy

Compilation, Supraphon (2004)


LP, Sony Music/Bonton (2001)

Comeback:Legendy českého rocku se vracejí

Live LP, Paseka (1991)

Svět hledačů

LP, Panton (1979)


LP, Opus (1977)

Modrý efekt & Radim Hladík

LP, Supraphon/Artia (1974)

Nová syntéza 2

LP, Panton (1974)

Nová syntéza 1

LP, Panton (1971)

Kingdom Of Life

LP, Supraphon (1971)


LP, Panton (1970)

Blue Effect & Jazz Q Praha - Coniunctio

LP, Supraphon (1970)